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It all started with five chickens.

historyroundTen years ago, Bryan and I moved to upstate New York to start a farm. We thought it might be fun to try raising chickens, and purchased our first five baby chicks, which then grew into our first flock. A year later, after adding Suzie and Ned (our sheep) and Ezra the Calf, we started a Farmstay Bed and Breakfast, featuring of course, our farm fresh eggs.

Our guests, most from New York City, raved about how delicious our eggs were. We tried to figure out what made our eggs so special and realized – it’s how our hens are raised. Outdoors, on pasture, where they hunt and peck and have a marvelous time. We thought to ourselves…Aren’t Cage Free and Organic hens raised the same way? We had much to learn…and learned quickly that eggs that are generally available from the grocery stores, including Organic, Cage Free and “Free Roaming” are from hens that are kept in warehouses…often 50,000 to 100,000 chickens in barn. These conditions are horrible, we thought. And so began our mission to make “Pasture Raised” eggs available to more people, and to have them available through grocery stores. We’re making serious progress, as more and more stores are adding our Handsome Brook Farm Pasture Raised Eggs to their dairy cases. We’re changing the way people buy eggs and how chickens are raised – and that is incredibly gratifying.

We have grown, largely through the blessing of putting together a group of Amish farms, who are deeply committed to sustainable practices and support and follow our very strict Pasture Raised standards. We all love our hens, and are committed to their welfare and the quality of the eggs that we serve you, our customer. We are delighted to now sell our eggs to customers throughout the United States!

If you ever have question or suggestion, please reach out to us here by completing our Contact Form.

Bryan and Betsy Babcock
Handsome Brook Farm