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Mary had a Little Lamb…

We had a wonderful guest this weekend who would sing to Suzie our oldest ewe (sheep). People often ask us why we run a B&B at our farm…this video says it all!

Blueberries and Bees

Blueberries and bees 2013 1The blueberries are flowering…

We have an organic blueberry field with millions of flowers that have to be individually pollinated. We definitely need help! Our friends keep hives, and brought two out for us to “borrow” for a month. We now have 80,000 busy bees! The link below talks about all the wonderful health benefits of blueberries…not to mention all the fresh honey…Spring has arrived and our Catskill mountain farmstay Bed and Breakfast will have new baby pigs and a baby calf over the next few weeks…spring is an exciting time on the farm.

Check out some Photos!

Sustainable Geo-Thermal at Catskills B&B

This is an article that just came out about Handsome Brook Farm and our geothermal heat and air conditioning. We are committed to preserving the environment and are excited to add geothermal to our list of sustainable features at the agritourism bed and Breakfast. Now our guests can relax in the Catskills and be both comfortable and eco-friendly! Click here to read the story :)


BedandBreakfast.com recently wrote an article recognizing the most eco-friendly inns in honor of upcoming Earth Day and they have included Handsome Brook Farm!

You may read the article here!

Welcoming the New barn Cats!

Today our farm’s newest additions arrived…two cute and friendly little barn kittens named Asterisk and Zak. They are fitting in perfectly with the rest of the farm animals.