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We always love to hear from our guests and enjoy sitting down and reading the comments that are left at the Farm. We welcome all of our guests to make an entry and we can’t wait to read them.

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  1. Cynthia S.

    Hello ! I purchased your Sweet Cherry Butter at Price Chopper in Newburgh, this summer. This is the best food surprise in a long while. I felt like I was eating a slice of cherry pie. It is great mixed into my Greek yogurt. If I can’t find your products in the store, I will visit on line. Best wishes for an abundant harvest. Sincerely, Cynthia

  2. Brian and Nicole Beatrice

    We just wanted to thank you for your delicious preserves and for making each breakfast of the past week special. We purchased your blueberry preserves at Stone Creek Farm when we visited last week. Best stuff we have ever eaten.

    We live in Andes part of the week and would love to visit your farm one day! Do you have farm tours?

    We really appreciate the time and care it took to makes those preserves! Thanks again!

    Kind Regards-


  3. Patricia

    Hi Betsy

    Quick note to say what a lovely (albeit brief!) stay we had at Handsome Brook Farm.

    Also, the eggs, preserves, syrup, and corn were a huge hit with my family!

    Our best to you both on all your endeavors!


  4. Eileen and Tom

    We just wanted to say again what a wonderful time we had staying at your farm. It was one of the most relaxing getaways I have had in a very long time. Sitting on the Adirondack chairs having lunch with the chickens and sheep grazing around us will remain one of our favorite memories, perhaps only upstaged by bottle feeding Sheldon in the mornings :)

    We will definitely be coming back again, this time with no other commitments than enjoying your wonderful farm.
    Thanks again and looking forward to next time!
    ~Eileen and Tom~

  5. Devon

    I have been meaning to write and tell you what a lovely time we had staying at Handsome Brook Farm. The Cherry butter was a hit with my in-laws! I hope you enjoyed the salsa.

    We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Hartwick as well. The orientation was very well organized.

    Thanks again,

    PS, if the baby raccoon is still in the pig pen, I think its name should be piglet. : )

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