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About Handsome Brook Farm

Handsome Brook Farm is located on the western edge of the Catskills in Franklin, New York. We are a family owned farm committed to sustainable agriculture and education. We raise our pasture raised eggs and certified organic blueberries with a dedication to stewardship of the land and our flocks. In addition, we have a very active Farmstay Bed and Breakfast, which is a base for us to provide a hands-on farm experience for families and individuals. On behalf of Handsome Brook Farm and our partner small farms, thank you for your support!

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What does Pasture Raised Mean?

Pasture Raised = Happy, Healthy Chickens = “Eggstrordinary” Eggs!

Our Pasture Raised Hens are provided acres of pasture to forage, roam, and scratch in and we encourage them to go outside (weather permitting of course)! The doors to our barns are huge, and our chickens are ready each day to enjoy the day outside, eating grass, bugs, and acting well…like chickens. (This is not the case for other types of eggs -even commercial non-pastured organic and cage free -where chickens are kept indoors in warehouse conditions.)


What is the difference in Taste and Quality?

You can See and Taste the Difference!

Non-Pastured on the Left vs. Pastured on the Right

2This healthy living environment results in brighter yolks, thicker whites, and richer nutrient value than non-pastured, commercial, eggs.

Our customers describe the taste as “fresh”, “outstanding”. Many say that they have never enjoyed eggs until that ate our Handsome Brook Farm Pasture Raised eggs!

You will see and taste the difference. And you’ll know that your eggs are coming from happy, healthy hens.

What is the difference in Nutrition?

It would make sense that a healthy, natural, less stressed living environment for hens would result in better quality eggs – and of course it’s true!

A Few Things to Crow About (Even though we don’t have Roosters..):

• Certified Organic (NOFA-NY)
• Cornucopia Institute: 5 Egg Star (Exemplary) Rating
• Pride of New York
• We are the Preferred Pasture Raised Egg of the Northeast! Sold in Whole Foods, FreshDirect, Hannaford, Price Chopper, and Shop Rite Stores throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.