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What is a Farmstay at Handsome Brook Farm

Imagine yourself feeding the calf, sheep and pigs in the morning, followed by tending or picking berries in the afternoon. As the day draws to a close, taking a hike in the Catskills or sitting by a campfire. All this while looking forward to sleeping to the sound of the babbling brook running behind your room. It’s a nice thought.

A farmstay is a mix of a traditional, working farm with thoroughly modern, high-quality accommodation and activities. People of all ages love a farmstay because there is so much to do. We think you will love it too, because the scenery in Delaware County is as gorgeous as it is varied. A farmstay at handsome Brook Farm gives you the tranquility of the stunning Catskill countryside and the option to choose from bundles of activities.

Your farmstay can be as active or relaxing as you desire. As a working berry farm we raise blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. In addition, we raise chickens, sheep, pigs, and cows. As part of the farmstay, you and your family can help feed the animals, collect the eggs, and provide the daily care needed to operate a farm. In addition, guests are welcome to lend a hand in the field and help pick berries in season or work in the family vegetable garden (perhaps even take a ride on the tractor!). In addition to the activities included in the farmstay, we can arrange for excursions at other local farms and ranches (most within less than an hour’s drive), including: horseback riding, hiking, cycling, canoeing, the Baseball Hall of Fame, Soccer Hall of Fame and other activities that will keep you and the kids busy – if that’s what you want. Or just kick back and enjoy the farm and surrounding countryside for what it is – perfect peace.

At Handsome Brook Farm, we are committed to incorporating sustainable principles into our farm planning and practice. To that end we practice sustainable farming in our blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry fields. This means that all fertilizers and soil amendments are chosen to complement the soil…ensuring the soil will last for generations to come. You can be assured that our berries are “naturally delicious”!

Our farm animals…pigs, chickens, calves, and lambs… are happy and healthy…and raised on our meadow grasses and local hay during our snowy winters. Our chickens are free to roam around the farm during the day, and each evening know to go back to their coop for their night’s rest.

Our vegetable gardens and our family berry patch are close by the house….just walk out the door and pick your morning berries, or an afternoon salad with fresh spinach, lettuce, and beautiful tomatoes! And, again, all of our vegetables are grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Farmstay at Handsome Brook Farm

You can slow down and step into a bucolic rhythm at Handsome Brook Farm. When you come to visit, you can take part in our sustainable farm experience — help in the berry fields and vegetable gardens, feed and groom the animals, pick fruit and vegetables. Or learn how to make homemade pies, jams, and other goods by using our farm fresh, or other local ingredients (Betsy is an accomplished baker, and our preserves are sold at nearly 100 locations across New York). Our goal is to provide an experience that is fun while giving you a better understanding of the relationship between what you eat and how its grown…with a special focus on products raised or grown in beautiful upstate New York.

Why vacation at a Farmstay

Farm stays are an increasingly popular vacation option, especially for families. Styled after traditional bed and breakfasts, farm stays offer comfortable lodging, hearty breakfasts, modest rates, and direct access to farm critters, fresh fruit and eggs. For young children who’ve never been around farm animals, farm stays provides a safe, relaxed environment for kids—and their parents—to learn, engage and bond.

What is Sustainable Agriculture

In the Oxford dictionary, sustainable is defined as, ‘Support, bear the weight of, esp. for a long period.’ This definition can be taken into the context of our lives. Sustainability, therefore, refers to the development of ecological, economic and social systems that will promote and enhance life, without depleting the earth’s limited and precious resources. It embraces the capacity to be more self-sufficient and to promote the diversity of life on earth, which in turn is essential for our own survival.” Andrew Leslie Phillips, Hancock Permaculture Center.

At Handsome Brook Farm, we are committed to incorporating sustainable principles into our farm planning and practice. We are blessed to live in an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem and our goal is to preserve and promote its health and diversity.

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