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All We Do is Pasture Raised Eggs
Our Hens and Customers Deserve the Very Best

standardsWith that single focus, the health and welfare of our hens, the quality of our eggs, and the stewardship of our land is of utmost concern to us.  We have developed and strictly follow standards for Pasture Raised layer hens that ensure that our hens forage freely outdoors on acres of lush, green pasture with protective cover and are able to nest and sleep safely indoors at night with plenty of room to roam, perch, and exhibit natural chicken behavior.

We are pleased to say we are Certified by American Humane.

Living conditions are designed to encourage
natural chicken behavior

  • Chickens originated in lush, green jungles and love grass and vegetation. We get plenty of rain, so our pastures are truly pastures! Our lush pastures are managed to insure excellent vegetation cover.
  • Doors are open after lay period in the morning and closed at night to ensure the hens’ safety.
  • Grazing areas are immediately outside the barn, so the hens don’t have to travel far to get to grass.
  • Hens are provided trees and/or shelter outdoors for shade and cover.
  • Water is provided outdoors as well as indoors.
  • We provide living conditions for our hens that encourage natural chicken behavior like foraging for insects and grass, dust bathing, scratching, and free movement.  These include lush pasture, ample perches, nesting boxes, readily available water and feed, and indoor substrate for dust bathing.
  • Hens are provided safe, protected, barns to rest in at night, and lay their eggs in during the day.
  • Each day (except for severe inclement weather) we open the multiple large barn doors so that the hens can easily go outdoors.
  • Hens are provided a constant supply of fresh water and food.  Our organic feed is GMO Free.
  • Forced molting (where food is taken away to increase production) is strictly prohibited.
  • No antibiotics are used on hens.
  • No hormones are fed to our hens.
  • Hens are visited multiple times a day, and handled gently and carefully. In fact, you will often hear our farmers singing to them!

Continuing Education

  • We are committed to learning, and to providing continuing education to our farmers.