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Dear Betsy,

It was so nice speaking with you this morning as my breakfast was cooking.
I just wanted follow-up and put in writing that, as much as you are supposed to love people and not things, I LOVE your eggs. I am no, “spring chicken,” and as such, have eaten dozens and dozens of eggs in my lifetime, some organic, some cage-free, and some not, some both. Your eggs are what makes eggs worth eating again. They are the most consistently delicious eggs, with soft and tender yolks and actually make me look forward to breakfast. Even the whites taste good.

I wish you well in Florida and hope you can expand your sales base. Now that I’ve found you, I don’t want to lose you as traveling to you for my eggs would not work well.

Best regards, and most sincerely,
Marilyn M.
Sunrise, Florida

The VERY BEST quality Supermarket eggs I have EVER eaten!
Totally worth paying the extra cost! Kudos to your company for these pasture-raised layers. On a mission now to spread the words to my friends.

Delicious eggs
It’s great to finally find some pasture raised eggs for sale! They’re large and tasty, and I can feel OK knowing that the hens have access to pasture to run around and be chickens! – Amy

In all seriousness though, these eggs are incredible. It’s hard to get my usual sunny side up eggs at a restaurant any more as they just don’t compare to cooking these at home. – New York, NY

This is the real thing. If you want to do something good for yourself, for your environment, for your local farmer and your friendly chicken, don’t look back. These eggs are awesome. They taste…better. Just better. And if you were to ever visit the farm (which I highly recommend) you will see why. These are HAPPY chickens — the polar opposite of a factory farmed.. So yum! – Tara

The Best Eggs
I only buy Handsome Brook Farm Eggs! They are so fresh and the yolks are bright, not dull. They taste so much better than regular non-pastured eggs. – Mark

Just Like Great Grandma’s Chickens
Oh Hallelujah! A real egg. An egg with a white so heavy you can just hold it in your hand to separate it. An egg that tastes like EGG. – Austin

The best eggs, pasture raised
I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years – eggs have always been ‘iffy’ food for me, mostly because I cannot abide eating a product produced through animal suffering. I learned that terms like ‘cage free’ and ‘free range’ are able to be used under conditions where the animal has minimal free space. When I looked into the conditions of the Handsome Brook, I was thrilled to see that they are very much pastured raised and treated with compassion and dignity. That is why I will eat these eggs – which, by the way, are very delicious and probably healthier than most since they are not make by stressed animals. – Kingston, NY

Best eggs ever
These are the best eggs money can buy. Terrific flavor and texture. Plus you’re supporting local farms. – Christie

Best Eggs Ever
I have never had fried eggs this good, ever! Worth every penny. – Marcia

So happy that these are available in NYC – we visited Handsome Brook Farm last summer, met the chickens and got to have delicious egg breakfasts! – Ashley, Chris, and Maggie

Tasty and Healthy!
I’ve had the pleasure of eating Handsome Brook Farm eggs with my family, and they taste wonderful. Having been at the farm and seen how lovingly cared for the chickens are, we feel great about eating these eggs and recommending them to everyone we know! – Alexandra

So Tasty!
Have had these fresh at the farm and at home in NYC for breakfast, they are delicious! These hens are happy and enjoy lots of roaming around a beautiful farmyard, lawn and brook bank. – Samuel

We had the pleasure of a Thanksgiving Breakfast at the Handsome Brook  Farm using the farm fresh eggs and homemade preserves. The scrambled & fried eggs tasted incredible which have now made grocery store eggs look pitiful. I recently purchased a dozen Handsome Brook Farm eggs from Price Chopper and was not disappointed at all with the quality and taste. Very good product!!! – The Ray Family

Great eggs
Delicious eggs and worth the difference. Think about what you are eating and how the animals are treated and what they eat. – Max

Excellent quality
I have friends outside of NY who raise their own chickens so they have their own eggs. This has educated me as to what makes some eggs better than others. So when I found these I purchased them and was not disappointed. They are wonderful. Excellent taste. Very fresh. – Bob E.

Best eggs ever!
These eggs are fantastic. My husband thought I was crazy but you can TOTALLY taste the difference. They ARE more expensive, but eggs are affordable to begin with, so SPLURGE! – Jennifer L.

No Ordinary Eggs!
I visited Handsome Brook Farm last summer, and their animals are treated like children. Have you ever had hens run up to you and beg to be picked up and petted? I bet not. Every morning Bryan and Betsy made a sensational breakfast featuring their orange-yolked eggs, freshly gathered. You will find none better anywhere at any price. This is no ordinary farm – these are no ordinary eggs. – The Wright Family

It’s a real egg!
The eggs are absolutely high quality. The color of egg yolk is not light yellow like others, it’s almost orange! – New York, NY

Delicious farm-fresh eggs!
These taste like they are right from of the farm. Cook up remarkably fluffy and delicious! – Sara

A friend recommended HBF eggs to me when I started my Paleo diet. I was in need of a high quality organic egg. I was delighted by the freshness and quality. I can really tell the difference between the traditional eggs and these. – Robin W.

Cook up Fluffy
I am not very good at discerning the differences in taste between different brands of eggs (organic, free-range, or otherwise). But I did notice that these eggs make a much fluffier omelet and in pancakes than other organic eggs I’ve tried. I was pleased. – Jacob

Favorite Eggs!
I have tried a lot of eggs and these have proven to be the best consistently. I love how they are from New York and are cage free and natural. They always have the brightest orange yolk. -New York, New York

Amazing eggs!
I bought these eggs for the first time and they are delicious. I can really taste and see the difference. The yolks are orange! Much more substantial than other eggs that I have tried. – Ann G.