Better eggs. Better everything else.

Pasture makes perfect.

At Handsome Brook Farm, our simple secret to great eggs is space. Really big, wide open space. Certified by American Humane, we’re pioneers in pasture raised, which means our hens get ample acreage to roam and you get the best-tasting eggs you’ve ever had. In an age of huge factory farms, we’ve built a revolutionary network of small farms that’s capable of playing with the big boys. Here’s how it works:

Small Family Farms

Instead of having one huge farm with countless hens, we work with a series of small family farms with smaller flocks. That way, we can ensure our farmers get the fair wage they deserve and our hens have all the space, attention, and love they need.

Happy Hens

Freed from the confines of cages, hens on our farms can scratch and scamper the day away. All that fresh air and sunshine keeps our hens happy—and happy hens lay the best eggs.

Healthy Process = Healthy Eggs

Our farmers handle the farming—we handle the logistics. With our hands-on involvement at every step, we’ve created an innovative system that’s better for birds, better for farmers, and better for you. Win-win-win.

Every egg should taste this good.

These unbeatable eggs come from our organic-fed, pasture raised hens. An all-natural diet gives our eggs their trademark golden-orange yolk and an unmistakable flavor that’ll take your custards, omelets, and more to the next level.

Meet Betsy.

Named after our friendly founder, Betsy’s pasture raised eggs raise the bar for conventional eggs everywhere. In fact, you could say there’s hardly anything conventional about these tasty, irresistible eggs.

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