What Does Pasture Raised Mean?

Acres of Real Pasture to Roam!

We spend a lot of time observing people at the dairy case. And we know that it is incredibly confusing. So many terms, so many types of eggs. How do you know which one to choose?

A growing number of consumers prioritize animal welfare and product quality in their selection of their foods and want to do the same in their egg purchasing.

Key Points about Egg Types:

  • Terms like Organic, Free Ranging, Free Roaming, Vegetarian Fed can be misleading as many customers think that these terms mean that the laying hens spend their time outdoors, when in fact they do not. Most eggs, including traditional Organic eggs, come from chickens that are raised in warehouse conditions and never go outdoors.
  • Pasture Raised means that our hens truly go outdoors! At Handsome Brook Farm, we are committed to providing our hens with the opportunity to not only have “access” to outdoors….but actually GO outdoors and spend their days on acres of real pasture. Not a concrete pad, not “rangeland”, but real, grassy pasture. At the beginning of the day, our large barn doors swing open and our hens, who eagerly await the opportunity to go outdoors (weather permitting, of course), head for the pasture where they forage on bugs, flowers, seeds, and lush green grass and act like, chickens!

The result is the best tasting, highest quality eggs from a truly humanely raised hen.

You can truly Taste the Difference!